You should also not forget that there are two types of muscle fibers

Each type of fiber responds to a type of load and, consequently, to its range of repetitions. So fast fibers running in 6 -15 reps, slow - 15 and above. Fast fibers are arranged more hypertrophy than slow, that is, to increase muscle mass.

In order to determine the proportion of fast and slow fibers in your body enough to take the next test.

You will need to determine your maximum weight (weight with which it can do only one repetition) 3 exercises: bench press, leg press and lifting barbell biceps.

Before defining its maximum sure to perform a thorough warm-up. Once you have determined your maximum weight of three exercises, relax for exactly 15 minutes. Then, take the weight of a mass of 80% of the maximum and do a maximum number of repetitions with this weight. Repeat the test for each exercise.

If you have completed at least 7 reps - You dominate the fast muscle fibers, then 75% of the training should be the style of power, and 25% of the volume of all the work should be vysokopovtorny training.

If you performed 7-12 repetitions - You equally both types of fibers. This means the amount of power and vysokopovtornoy work in your training should be equally

If you have completed more than 12 reps - You dominated the slow muscle fibers. Accordingly, 75% of the work must be vysokopovtornoy, and 25% power.

If you are a complete novice and have just started in the training, finding a single maximum, it may be enough for you travmaopasnym. You need at least a week to train as usual: the number of repetitions of 6-10 exercises in the approach to experience the technique of the exercise.