How to treat nail fungus running form

Advanced forms of the fungus on the nails treated under the strict supervision of a dermatologist. During the remedial measures, it is important to be patient and treat to the end Since not dolechennoe fungal infection can come back and hit an even larger area of ​​the skin and nails.

It is necessary to eliminate the negative factors that provoke the development of the fungus;

It is also important to use anti-inflammatory drugs;

Required treatment antifungal agents, for example, ointments, gels, lacquers or tablets. These drugs destroy pathogens;

It is also important to drink vitamin-mineral complex. Since the fungus finger at advanced triggers the body's weakened immune. With the help of vitamins the body will be easier to defeat any infection, and restore damaged tissue.

Adverse factors undoubtedly true sweating feet.

Sometimes, because of ineffective drugs or lack of proper treatment of a mild form of nail fungus turns into running, which is more difficult to cure. The main causes of mold running:

The ineffectiveness of drugs applied topically. Very often fed lakes and little of the cream in the treatment of fungus in the area of ​​the thumb;

Discomfort, inflammation, pain and other symptoms occur due to yeast fungi. Other types of fungus and not a very long time have an effect. In advanced forms of the disease are beginning to indicate a change of color and structure of the nail. Marigolds are beginning to break down, become brittle, and the plate is thickened.