Lose 6 kilos mainly fat

Christmas are coming. Thinking diet for being more than ready for your performances. So what better than to lose pounds http://www.nolimitly.com/2015/10/fat-diminisher-review.html with foods that "move" this season and "armed" with many nutrients that help in weight loss and speed up metabolism!Think that every fruit and vegetable is even tastier and healthier, when in his time, and most importantly it does not cost as much as I would find another era. Therefore the favor a ... With this diet by the dietician-nutritionist, you can lose up to 6 pounds.And what we have said will never stop saying? The safe and permanent weight loss is faster and less painfully when you are consistent in your diet, exercise regularly and do not break the rules can be found below!We said it would lose this time kilos. With foods that we find in their time, as they have all the necessary vitamins and nutrients-and do not harm the money - with regular exercise and a bit and if you follow these rules, you will lose it faster and with less effort pounds!

Eat on day 5 tsp olive oil in food and salad.
To make small, frequent meals. Do you live fasting more than three hours.
Reduce salt in your cooking!
Eat at least 8-10 cups of fluid daily.
He kept fixed mealtimes so you wont body and not asking food unsuitable hours!
Avoid sugar consumption.
Prefer whole grains.