Ideas to cut 500+ calories from the meals of the day

Put exercise into your life and with ideas that will help you cut calories each meal, lose the weight you want and see your silhouette beautifying. One of the key ways to lose pounds is to reduce the calories you consume each day.

But how many have to cut in order to start seeing results? Cutting 500 calories a day from your diet, you can lose a pound a week without dieting feel. See how to cut calories from food and even each meal, put exercise in your life and get ready for spectacular results.


Add yogurt to your cereal or half a cup of blueberries (42 calories) instead to ¼ cup raisins (108 calories). Instead of toast, which requires 2 slices bread wholemeal toast (120 calories), prefer to use 1 slice (60 calories) which add onto the stuffing toast.

Just save yourself 126 calories from breakfast.


Eat fruit just before your meal. In addition to the fruit in the empty stomach plays an important role in detoxifying the body and gives us energy for weight loss and other activities, according to a study at the University of Pennsylvania, who eat apple 15-20 minutes before a meal, consume up 187 fewer calories. Subtracting calories apple (80 calories), you save up to 100 calories in this way. Prefer to replace mayonnaise (70 calories in 1 tablespoon) with cottage cheese cheesecake that delivers half the calories in the same amount.

Just save yourself 135 calories from lunch.


Save up to 100 calories by making a spaghetti squash instead of traditional pasta. See how to make here. Remove the croutons on your salad, whereas reaching 50 calories 5.

Just save yourself 150 calories from your dinner.


Instead of one piece of cake that can be up to 250 calories, just take two pieces of dark chocolate (80 calories).

Just save yourself 170 calories from your sweet.